Football has been a pretty big part of the Roberts family. Our 16 year old has been playing since he was 6. DH does all the coaching videos for the high school varsity and I was the Sophomore class rep last year and now the Junior class rep on the Football Board for next year. We had our big Football Kickoff event last night. A lot of planning and work went into it. What was really the pits is that I have been sick this week… like really down with the flu. I couldn’t go. But that is the beauty about having a great Board and so many wonderful volunteers. My friend, Carmen, who is another football mom and total stamper at heart, made the coolest and biggest “card” ever for the membership signup table! Check it out!!


Isn’t this beautiful.. flashing lights and all the details. DH called me from the event and tried to tell me about it. I wanted so much to see it. So he brought it home. Carmen, we have got to get together and do some stampin’, girl!! This is fabulous!


And talk about fabulous… Kittie (yes, the Kittie aka Kittie747) sent me a card yesterday.


Oh my goodness. I plan to frame it. And I mean that seriously because it truly is a work of art. Thank you so so much Kittie. Not just for the card but for your sweet friendship and generous gift. 🙂

Again this week I haven’t had the mojo to create anything myself. This flu really knows how to do a girl in. (But I wouldn’t have wanted to post anything of mine next to a Kittie Kard anyway. *lol*)

Hope everyone has a wonderful and creative Friday.

10 Responses to “The Biggest Coolest “Card” Ever!”

  1. aaaahhhhh, I am sooooo jealous that you got one of her cards, You lucky girl you!

  2. Love the football card – the lights are awesome! The card from Kittie is a real work of art. She must be a good friend! Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. wow, 2 fabulous projects today! Love all the lights on the football “card” and the garden card is just lovely!
    Sorry you have the flu but I know exactly how you feel. I got it on good Friday and have just begun to feel like my old self within the past 3 days. I hope you’re feeling better sooner than I did! Take good care of yourself and get plenty of well-deserved rest!

  4. Oh my gosh….isn’t that creative! I love it!! Kittie’s card is very beautiful as well!!

  5. Wow! What a cool idea with the lights. That is just too creative.

  6. What a beautiful card–it is truly a work of art!

  7. That is very cool and how nice to get a kitty original! I actually hope as I’m uploading that I don’t get stuck next to someone who is really great, like you included. But you could hang your cards up next to Kittie no problem!!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  8. How lucky that you got a Kittie card! It’s wonderful!

  9. Oh, my gosh! That big ol’ card is so cool! I’m glad you got to see it and so sorry you’ve been sick. That flu is going around my workplace but so far I’ve been lucky. And lucky you to receive this beauty from Kitty! It does look suitable for framing!

  10. OKay, this Carmen is an over-achiever!!! That is truly above and beyond the call – amazing! I hope at least ONE of the boys noticed how great it was! Sorry you’ve been so sick – I am sending you an imaginary card – it’s absolutely beautiful – and the artistry is amazing – one of a kind just for you. I would send you a real card but then I would have to go and BUY one and somehow sending a store bought card to someone who makes DaVinci’s just doesn’t sound smart – so please accept my imaginary card with all the love and get well wishes that I could fit in…oh, it’s a big card, too…and it has flashing lights AND music!! I’ll be Carmen’s card didn’t have music! xo, Nan

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