Had some fun yesterday playing with the “Menswear” set from Flourishes.  I actually felt a little guilty cutting off perfectly good sleeves.  You would have thought it was a real shirt that I was altering!

Here is the card I made yesterday.


Well have you ever made a card and decided that you wanted to add just one more little detail?  That’s what I did this morning with this card.  I wanted to add/draw a black line around the border of the orange background.  So I did.  But there was a little problem that was totally driving me nuts.  Since the sentiment panel was already there (yes I should have removed it before drawing the line) it was hard to draw a line the entire distance on the left side of the card.  So I did it in two steps.  Unfortunately I didn’t get both lines at the same angle.  D’oh.  I tried to ignore it but ended up trying to fix it.  BIG MISTAKE!  lol


Oh my, I had to add a Harley symbol “leather” ribbon to cover up the goof.  It made the bottom of the card too heavy.  It felt unbalanced so I added the brad.  I got the brad too close to the corner.  Had to move it in which of course left a visible gaping hole.  So I added the hardware ring.  Now the top of the card was too heavy.  So I added a second ribbon.  Was this ever going to end!?!  LOL  Well for better or for worse I ended this journey!  Do you ever have one of those kind of days?

Before I go I wanted to share a scrapbook page that I did a couple of years ago.

blog108scrappage.jpg (Click photo to enlarge.)

I originally started this hobby with the intent of scrapbooking.  Well this was my first page.  I’ve only done three pages since!  The layout is a CASE of a page that I saw on display at Ben Franklin.  That’ my DH and his biker buddies on their ride to the Grand Canyon.  Aren’t they adorable!


Stamps: Flourishes “Menswear”
Papers: SU! Tangerine Tango, Yoyo Yellow, Basic Black; EK Success Harley DP; Flame DP Unknown
Inks: Versafine Onxy Black; Copic Black Multiliner
Accessories: EK Success Hardware, “Leather” Ribbon, Fabric Sentiment

33 Responses to “Flourishes “Menswear” Goes H.O.G.”

  1. Gosh, Susan, this is totally amazing! When I saw the first card I thought it was so cool, but then the remake–wow! Your journey–I’ve just been through this but it was so bad I had to scrap the whole card, but not before I tried and tried…I wasted so much time! I think we both had a little fun with this set today. I didn’t cut off the sleeves, though, tee hee! What a fabulous idea with this shirt! Fantastic creativity. You’re pretty amazing at scrapbooking, too! I gave that up for cards, too, but only after I ran out of room for the albums.

  2. Oh my word! Love the “fire”! Love the glitz! A delightful creation!


  3. Amazing card!!!!! I love all your details,embellishments,wow!
    And your page is fabulous! I must show my husband,he’s a bike freak,so he’ll want to see these! TFS Susan!!!!

  4. I love how you colored and glittered up that shirt! AWESOME biker card!!

  5. Sometimes while our mistakes are totally frustrating I think they make the best cards!. I really love the additions you added to your biker card, and I would not have know they were not intentional unless you mentioned your mistakes! Amazing colors and the shirt just makes me smile.

  6. Your card is awesome and even though you say you had all the mistakes it came our picture perfect. Your scrapbook page is just fantastic, it picks up the spirit of the bikers. Wow, really neat. Pat

  7. This card completely ROCKS, well worth the journey it took to get there. How creative and fun!!!

  8. This is just wonderful wow what detail….The colors are just stunning what a super card!!!

  9. This card is amazing ~ even with the twists and turns it took you on!!! 🙂 I never would have thought to cut the sleves off that shirt, thanks for the idea!!!

  10. Too funny!! I love how this card turned out in spite of the scary journey it took!! It’s fantastic and so full of wonderful details!! And yes, I have many of those days!! LOL

  11. hee hee Sounds like this card was worth the effort, well from my stand point. lol This is so cool Susan! I love the flames on the shirt, awesome card!

  12. You’ve only done THREE pages?! That is a great page- you should definintly do more! LOL!
    Your card ended up great, even if you didn’t have so much fun making it great! See, this is why my cards are all simple. haha!

  13. HOW much fun is this!!! You have described most of my card making episodes! LOL…super card, Susan!

  14. This is wonderful, Susan…such a cool guy card!!! What super cool guy wants sleeves, anyway!!

  15. OH Susan! I am in love with this card! And, yes, I think your hubby is as hot as those flames! Wowza… a biker dude!! I married a biker dude too. The only bad thing is he sold his Harley to buy my wedding ring!! 🙁 Love your story about the “journey” of this card! I have those moments regularly. Sometimes the card ends up one big crumpled mess. I have a temper sometimes! LOL!

  16. WOW…both the original and the make over look fabulous! It’s like one of those TV shows! I have those days all the time, and I rarely do things in order. It’s usually after it’s all glued down that I decide it should be on dimensionals, or have another border or what ever. I wish they turned out this awesome! Thanks for the affirmation that I’m not entirely alone in my perfection obsession. This is definitely perfect!

  17. This fabulous flaming shirt is for a ‘hunk a hunk a of a man!’ Needless to say, you’ve stirred the creative juice in me to whip up one similar to yours for my husband. I’ll attempt to make a ‘leather’ vest over that flaming shirt with a 10# belt buckle. This’ll turn my husband on for his birthday and go perfect with his Harley. 40 years together and 4 Harleys, ’55 Chevy Bel Aire and a ’32 Ford model A. He’s a happy man. And no squawking about my little stamps and inks. Love your card.

  18. Oh my Susan, this card is a blast! I think you did a “fabo” job on the shirt, totally perfect for this design. I bet your hubby just loves it! I liked the first version and then you spiked it up a notch and I’m lovin’ even more! This card definitely reminds me of the “Road Hogs” movie, way too funny! And yes, every single card I make has a hidden boo boo, now don’t you think that makes our designs so much more interesting. Super fantastic guy card (or maybe a gal) for a biker!

  19. Now isn’t this the cutest! I love what you did with this set. Don’t feel guilty cutting off the arms. I think you’re going to start a trend with this set!

  20. I think the journey led you in the right direction, because the final product is fabulous!! I love the extra added details and it looks so much better with them! Great card, and a great scrapbook page! Everything you touch turns into something special!!!! I LOVE this!!

  21. Susan, I love your biker card, and I love knowing that I’m not the only one who complicates things when I try to add to my card or fix my mistakes. That can drag on, can’t it. Your card is great, and I love the scrapbook page you did. Since you only did a few pages, perhaps you should frame this one. Also,…I tagged you, so check out my blog when you get a chance.

  22. This card is way too cool! Love, love, love the biker thing! Had fun reading about your follies and fixes along the way! Been there done that…though have to say most of the time the end result is only worthy of the scrap drawer. 🙂

  23. Oh Wow how cool is this!!

  24. The cards are very cool! I love both of them! Sometimes mistakes gives us new ideas! Love the embellishments!

  25. Holy cow Susan, what an AWESOME card….love what you did…fabulous!

  26. What a great biker card! LOLOL How cute and bright and just right for a guy~! or gal!

  27. Pure genius! My DH is a long time rider and this card would be perfect for him!! Love what you did with it – I never thought about cutting the sleeve off – you did a fantastic job!

  28. Susan, I can totally relate to this card. My DH has a Road King Custom by HD! I love this card…

  29. Your card is awesome Susan. Just don’t tell my BMW rider husband that I commented on a Harley card, LOL!

  30. Hog lovers dream card for sure, Susan!! FANTABULOUS!!

  31. Oh, Susan! Your “mistakes” turned this fab card into a dynamite one for sure!!! I too know the frustration of wanting to “add” just a little more….usually it is after the card is photographed and posted. Boy…like they say a “picture is worth a thousand words”. Your “picture” is dynamite!!!!

  32. this is HOT!!!! yeah, I have abut 3 pages after beginnng scrapping after all these years, too!!

  33. VERY creative, Susan! You are soooo talented! Love the card, and your LO is really nice too…especially considering this was your first one! Wow!

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