Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of Green®

This coming Friday is Earth Day, and in celebration I have a “So Green” stamp set and an acrylic gridded block to give away!

This is one of the new style of Stampin Up stamp sets with foam backing that sticks to a reusable acrylic block rather than having each stamp permanently mounted on its own wood block.  The same acrylic block can be used over and over again since the stamps can be pulled off when you are finished stamping with them.

On this card I changed up the sentiment a little by stamping the three words in the sentiment individually.. one word for each tree.

To enter your name in the drawing, comment BELOW ON THIS POST.  I would love for you to give an idea or two as to what you do to Reduce, Reuse and/or Recycle.  Although it can, it doesn’t have to pertain to crafting necessarily.  But it can be anything that you might do like turning off the water while brushing your teeth or using washable cloth rags for spills and cleaning instead of paper towels or… whatever… large or small.  It all makes a difference.  I want to learn from all of you and get some ideas as to how I can be a better steward of this beautiful world that God created for us.

I will announce the winner on Friday, April 22 (Earth Day!).  (Will use Thursday midnight to draw a winner.)

Good Luck!



All products used on this card are from Stampin Up.

Stamps: So Green

Papers:  Chocolate Chip, Whisper White

Inks: Chocolate Chip, Old Olive, Pink Passion

Accessories: Old Olive Grosgrain Ribbon, 3/4″ and 1″ Circle Punches

30 Responses to “Stampin Up “So Green” Blog Candy”

  1. This stamp set is a great way to get the message out to recycle. A friend recently gave me a container full of microfiber cloths and told me how great they are for cleaning, and you only use water. I thought to myself, how can plain water clean that well?! It turns out she knew what she was talking about! These cloths clean better than 409 or any household cleaner, and all you do is wet them with water, re-rinse, and reuse. When you’re done, toss them in the washing machine and they’re good to go again and again.

  2. I’d love to try those new foam stamps … we try to make sure our recycling bin is overflowing every week … also, I do quite a bit of recycling (chipboard cereal boxes etc.) in my creating. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Lots of recycling goes on here. We use cardboard in our vegetable garden on the paths. We use newspaper to mulch our flower/herb gardens. Glass bottles go to a friend who makes beautiful glass trays
    for cheese, spoons, and wall decorations. I use packaging and other materials (decorative Kleenex boxes) in my crafting. Can use the die cut machine and embossing folders with these items. Thanks for an opportunity to win a cute stamp set.

  4. 1. I disassemble empty cereal boxes, Kleenex, granola bar boxes, etc. and cut them into 4×5.25″ pieces to slide over my delicate cards before inserting them into an envelope for mailing.

    2. I also reuse aluminum pop tops in lieu of buckles for ribbon when crafting.

    3. I reuse small paper shopping bags (like the kind you get at Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, MAC Cosmetics, etc.) for my lunch sacks and reuse them until they completely fall apart.

    4. I also reuse the back of ruined printer paper (when the ink smudged or ran out) for sketches or for my daughter’s drawings.

    5. We shred sensitive documents and stuff the shredings into the guinea pig cage. We also give empty toilet and paper towel rolls to the gerbils to chew on.

  5. My ideas aren’t all that different …

    1) I recycle aluminum, glass, paper (including cardboard, copy, magazines, and newspaper), and plastic – and am blessed to have curbside recycling that accepts all these. Our family of 4 rarely throws out a full trash can bag to the weekly trash collection. It’s become sort of a challenge to myself to see how little we can contribute to the landfill collection!

    2) empty cardboard boxes (cereal, tissue, etc.) make for great embossing folders – just use your Silhouette or Cricut to cut a pattern, layer and glue together a couple copies, and voilà! You can run these thru your embossing machine (Cuttlebug, Big Shot, etc.)

    3) my workplace collects shredded paper for a local pet store – so that’s where my shredded paper goes – from both home and work

    That’s all I can think of offhand. Thanx for the inspiration and blog candy opp!

  6. Cute card, Susan! Love the image on the middle tree . Recycling things we do:

    1) We have two recycle bins we fill to capacity each week and only get one of two small grocery bags of garbage in our can. I’m sure the garbage men have now clue we have four people in our house 🙂

    2) I keep tissue paper from stamp orders and use it to make tissue flowers on my cards or iron it and reuse it in gifts 🙂

    3) We give our old towels to the SPCA

  7. Great card with a great message! I recycle all newspaper, plastic bags etc, but I know I could do more…thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I do “green design” for a living so I also help and inspire the folks in my office to work more “green”.

    I do lots of the same things as mentioned above – with a family of four ( 2 of them teenage boys) we rarely fill more than 1 bag a week, but have an overflowing recycle 55 gal bin. Have a handy spot has to be highest priority to make sure everyone remembers at my house.

    Also with 2 teenage boys – water conservation is key…I use the water from my dehumidifier to water my plants, rain barrels, and soaker hoses in the garden.

    I use the card board from packaging for dividers in my storage boxes and the plastic makes cool alterable art if run through the Bog Shot.

  9. Love this card.

    For my reduce, reuse, recycling…
    — I try to use reuseable cloth bags for all my shopping.

    — I do as much of my household “business” online as I can — paying bills, receiving financial papers, paycheck notifications, etc.

    – I look to for books before buying retail.

    – I make one week of the month “eat meals from the pantry/freezer” week.

    – For Lent, I gave up any discretionary spending on my stamping addiction and forced myself to use the multitude of things I already have.

    And most of all, I’m trying to focus this year on going through all the stuff I have in my apartment in an effort to pare it down at least 25% by year end. What I’m not keeping, I am trying to donate to Goodwill or give to friends. I’m recycling what I can of what’s left and only trashing the things that can’t be recycled and are in too bad of shape to donate.

  10. I would love to win your blog candy! To reduce my imprint on this earth, I recycle all paper, plastic & aluminum, I ride my bike to most of my appts and shopping [my basket is a must!], and wash my clothes in cold water. I also rarely use my air conditioner [and I live near Phoenix, AZ!!] as I have ceiling fans.

  11. I do a lot of recycling in general. I reuse things as much as possible. I save EVERY single cardboard box to reuse….either to ship something else in or to cut up and make a more stable envelope when I am shipping a card to someone. I save every little scrap of paper….you never know when you might want to use a small strip of paper as a flower stem!?! I’m using my leftover bubble wrap, which I also hoard, for my son’s egg drop contest this coming week….and I ALWAYS save tissue paper until it is practically falling apart! I LOOOOOVE having lots of tissue paper for my scallop circle flowers!!

  12. Hi Rainy,

    Love your card and the layout and the clever way you put the recycle symbol in to the tree top. I’ve been eyeing this set for awhile now so crossing my fingers.
    Pretty much the same kinds of things going on here as already listed. My late husband and I used to run our neighborhoods recycle depot out of our garage back in the 80’s before curbside was so popular so I’ve greened my life quite a bit. I check containers when shopping and buy accordingly. If something comes in a non recyclable container I generally don’t buy it or find one that does. I have a few switched smaller nightlights scattered in key corridors and rooms so I don’t need to leave a larger light or two burning for safe walk throughs in the evening hours with no need to turn on lights as I go from room to room. The larger energy sucking appliances like TV’s and printers that don’t get used on a daily basis are unplugged until needed or on surge surpressors that can themselves be switched off or on. Many of our hi tech appliences are always sucking considerable juice even when off. Turning the heat on in the morning then off for the rest of the day and layering up. And a small heater to warm the room being used if needed to keep the overall temp around 63 degrees. Combining trips to save gas and time – time since I get it all done in one day and have the rest of the days to play with my stamps! YAY! All the scraps of paper leftover after they’be been punched to within a shred of their lives get tossed in a blender with water and some fun sparkle or herb stuff to create new sheets of paper to play with. Junk mail gets recycled or new paper created with SU shreds to add color! Most clothes shopping is done at thrift stores or consighment or swap stores. And on and on. It really does become a lifestyle after awhile and fairly painless as the decisions become automatic. Oh and keep your car tuned and the tires properly inflated for maximum fuel efficiency. It’s the little things that add up. And most of all…buy only what you need and make it last till used up or find it a new home. That alone cuts down on packaging waste and transportation, etc. And let your voice be heard to encourage companies to make wise packaging choices that are either recyclable or not needed at all. Even recycling costs us the energy needed to complete the cycle. Thanks Rainy for generating so many wonderful comments and ideas and also for offering up such wonderful inspiration and of course the blog candy too! You rock lady!

  13. Oh Susan, what an awesome creation using this set. Love your wonderful and creative design and colors.

  14. I do a lot of the above tips. I have even been known to use a used tea or coffee filter on a card or two! They have such interesting stains from the tea or coffee. I work in the office of our town’s recycle plant and your wouldn’t believe some of the treasures the people bring me that people were recycling or throwing away to make someone a card. I would love to have this set to use in our office for different things. I mentioned it to my boss but she hasn’t shelled out the money yet! I would love to see more cards and altered art made with this set. Thanks for a chance to win a great set!

  15. Thanks for a chance at this candy! My family recycles every week, at least two bins, and I do read a lot, but my books are recycles through too! I probably don’t do enough, but it’s a start. I wish our community did more, although they did give bins to every homeowner a few years ago to help encourage curbside recycling.

  16. This is a great set. Thanks for offering.
    I try to recycle as much as possible. Fortunatly, I live in a small town. I visit our local recycle center about once a month where I take all my cardboard, paper, metal cans, paints, electronics, which are recycled and also usable items that are sold to help pay operation costs. I also pay a fee for private local company that picks up most plastic and glass that our recycle center does not take. Our local dump also has separate areas for things like tires, metal, car batteries, and old propane bottles.
    It takes dedication and space to really recycle but it is worth it. I think the best thing we can do is not bring so much stuff home to start with. I only use reusable grocery bags and buy in bulk whenever possible, mostly reusing my own plastic bags from home. I try to avoid overpackaging but when that isn’t possible, I try to use up the packaging in some way. I have made many embellishments from the plastic cases from cuttlebug folders etc.
    I could go on and on about this subject.

    On a lighter note, I have made birthday cards that say “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” on the front of the card. The inside says “Happy
    29th Birthday…Again” Not my original idea, but I love it.

  17. We also do the aluminum, paper, can recycling even though we are not in an area that is organized well for some of that. But I picked up a lot of ideas from the other comments. Thanks for offering the blog candy – the block and stamp set are awesome.

  18. Once again you have created a simple yet precious card. I love it, go green!

    • Oh and I forgot my idea about saving on water, I throw the toilet tissue in the trash can and not flush unless I get the water dirty, if you know what I mean. Plus I try not to use paper towels all the time.

  19. I’m trying harder to always take my bags to the grocery store. I cook most of our meals and we almost never do takeout so less styrofoam and other food containers. We have a compost bin for all the kitchen scraps. My husband is a fanatic about combining errands so he uses as little gas as possible – though it is more about $$$ than exhaust, I admit.

  20. Hi Susan, I love to recycle. I do only a little compared to some.
    1. All Bottles and cans get recycled- I get to spend the $ I make on new STAMPING STUFF!!!
    2. We have a compost bin that put all leaves and veggie items in it Then I put the compost into my garden, it makes a great mulch!
    3.I reuse plastic bags and was out when ever possible my sandwich baggies and one gallon baggies when appropriate.
    Hope that helps.

  21. Love all the comments about recycling. I have done my part as well as I can for where we live at the time. We live in a rural area now that doesn’t really have too much recycling, but we do use reusable bags for shopping, but if we forget, we take the plastic bags to recycling places.

    Thanks for the opportunity for this great set, it would be fun to have and use!

  22. I recycle, reduce, and reuse my paper scraps. Also, when I am only using a part of the paper, I try to use the outside edge so that I don’t have excess waste 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Love this…nicely done! 🙂

  24. Recycle and repurpose as much as possible. Nice card:)

  25. I love to recycle packaging from my scrappy supplies. The cardstock quality backing for rubons, embellishments etc usually have such lovely designs that go really well with the collection.

  26. such a great idea to use the recycle symbol for tree foliage!

  27. I use my scraps down to the last bits, recycle containers for gifts, barely use water when toothbrushing, use cold water for most all the laundry, wash out zip lock bags and reuse them. Love your card, Susan!

  28. Love this card!!! Those colors just look amazing together and such a cute stamp set! I just finished putting a blog post together for tomorrow on this topic. lol

    I just ordered a set of recycling bins, got some new reuseable shopping bags, and switched out all our light blubs in the house…to start! Happy Earth Day!

  29. […] While I didn’t get a card made to share with you today an SU  friend and fellow demo Rainy (Susan Roberts)  in her post here had a brilliant project that showcases Stampin’ Up’s So Green Stamp set (catalog pg. 146).  Ideal for Earth day everyday type cards and more – And oh so frugally priced!  –  […]

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