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Check this out! Silke Ledlow nominated me for this award! How cool is that! Isn’t it beautiful. *big grin*


Thank you, Silke! You made my day!


Last week I went to this art class at my neighbor and artist extraordinaire Michelle’s home. I painted a blue tulip. It wasn’t very good and I decided after ONE lesson that I wasn’t going to continue. Then I read this post from Carol Lee:

  1. # Carol Leeon 13 Mar 2008 at 6:14 am

    …Give yourself more time to learn! Nobody gets it perfect the first time. I bet your first stamped card was not your best work either… Practice more, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll improve!!

So after I read that I took a look at the very first card I ever stamped 2-1/2 years ago. It was a workshop and I LOVED this card. Okay it’s cute but I decided maybe Carol was right.

I was expecting my first attempt to look like Michelle’s current masterpieces.. Art that she has been able to paint only after years and years of study and practice. So the bottom line… I went to another class. This lesson was only about painting shapes like squares and cylinders and cones. Using yellow and red paint we had to blend them to create at least three values to show the light and shadow as well as the shape. Here is my cone.


Try as I might I could NOT get a point on the top. So I added a pompom to make it a hat! lol Poor Michelle. She is trying to be really patient with me. Sorry Michelle. I’ll try to behave next time. hehe


I hadn’t been home long when I realized I had forgotten my DBIL’s birthday. So I made this card for him.


I tried to use a little of what I had just learned about lighting and shading. This is an SUO card.

Stamps: For Father, Twill, It’s Your Birthday
Paper: Very Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Watercolor, Prints DP (More Mustard)
Ink: Jet Black Stazon and Reinkers and Markers
Accessories: Old Olive Poly-Twill Ribbon, Brad, Aquapainters


The birthday card is for “Patty’s Bad Day” hubby. Patty is my DSIL who fell on some ice a couple of weeks ago and shattered her leg, dislocated her ankle and had to have some major surgery to repair everything. Several people have asked how she is doing. Well she’s doing okay… she emailed some pictures. Oh my they are… well gruesome! Don’t worry. I haven’t posted any of those. But this one shows all of the pins and plates that she had to have put in her leg. She definitely is going to have fun going through airport security from now on! lol



And finally the last dish on the Smorgasbord table. Deb Wood has tagged me! I haven’t been blogging very long but I think that means that I’m supposed to list 7 things about myself.. That in itself is easy enough but I think they are also supposed to be interesting. And therein lies the rub!

1. I lived for 5 years in London England where my 4th son was born.

2. My first job as a teenager was an usherette. Now you younger people probably don’t even know what that is! But when you went to the movies back in the 60’s, there would be a girl standing at the back with a flashlight who would help you find a seat if you wanted or needed it. Since I would have to stand there for the entire movie I ended up seeing some movies so many times I had them memorized.

3. Also when I was a teenager I played classical piano for ballet classes. It paid a whole lot better than babysitting!

4. I hiked to the top of Mount Vesuvius in Italy. There is a chairlift for tourists but it was broken the day we were there so we decided to hike it. I was 5 months pregnant at the time!

5. I married my childhood sweetheart… Literally. We met when we were 3 years old! I’m 23 days older than him and he likes to tease me about his “old lady” and how I “robbed the cradle” for those 23 days until his birthday.

6. I am a certified scuba diver. On my 50th birthday my DH took me diving in Tahiti. One of the dives was with sharks! Another was a deep dive where we sat on the ocean floor and huge 12′ manta rays kept swimming over us within touching distance.


7. I have a Harley. *Insert my family rolling their eyes here. It has been years since I rode it. Not sure I would even remember how!*

Now I think I’m supposed to tag someone. So what I would like to do is for anyone who has actually read to the bottom of this post (and who would like) to list 7 things about themselves. Let me know when you have done so. I would LOVE to read them!

Don’t you just love Fridays. Have a great one!

16 Responses to “Smorgasbord”

  1. I read the whole thing and I can’t imagine how you might think that was not interesting! I think it’s great you are continuing your lessons, I could use some shading lessons too! Hope your SIL feels better soon. This card is adorable and the coloring is wonderful!!

  2. Oh, I’m so glad you’re continuing with those classes! Besides your good fortune of having someone nearby that can teach you, I think you will be amazed how much it will affect and improve your stamping. And it’s always fun to learn how to create new things, right? Maybe stamping isn’t truly “art,” but artistic training and knowledge can make an amazing difference in the finished product. I wish I had more of that knowledge myself. I just find the creative process fascinating. Linda

  3. I’m happy to hear you haven’t given up on painting. How true, that if we all looked back at our first card, it is most likely nothing like we make now…lol
    Hope that your SIL gets well soon! OUCH!
    It was fun reading about you!

  4. *blushing* while reading my words LOL Seriously, I’m glad you tried another painting class and if you keep an open mind you’ll get much better! I took painting classes with a friend who kept insisting “I can’t do this!” and sure enough, she never could! I kept telling myself, “I CAN do this” and I learned! Eventually I drifted into paper crafting, scrapbooking and then cardmaking, but a positive outlook always works no matter what you’re doing. So your cone didn’t have a point at the top? No big deal! Learning how to handle a paintbrush is a teeny bit harder than cutting paper! LOL
    Anyhoo – I’m sorry to hear about your SIL’s accident and hopefully she’s feeling a bit better today. Your card is lovely and I think I’m just going to HAVE to buy that adorable stamp set with the doggie. Too cute.
    I’m amazed at all the things you’ve done in your life! WOW! You go girl!! TFS!

  5. Wow! where does one begin? As always, your card is beautiful. You are soooo talented I’m certain you will be showing us more breathtaking art very soon. And Carol Lee is correct – “I CAN” does work wonders. Not interesting? Ok – amazing is more like it! Totally enjoy your blog. Keep it up! TFS

  6. You are an amazing & wonderful person! Love the card! Your DSIL will be touched by your effort to make the card beautiful for her. And if she isn’t send it to ME! 🙂

    Be proud of yourself, you learned how to shade and applied it agian to another progect. You are my STAR student!!! That is soooo cool! And made the class fun by putting on the pom pom! BTW you did the hard part of the lesson perfectly. Your value shading did make it look round, which was the assignment you know, not to see how good a point you could make. LOL

    I knew you played the piano beautifully and rode the Harley, but not the scooba diving! Sheesh kalooola how fun is that! I have got to get me a life!

  7. Glad you arent going to give up because I bet you will be great at it!
    Love that little puppy card!

  8. Susan, glad you went back to the painting class, and I love your party hat! Sure wish Michelle lived closer to me to give me lessons. Your DSIL is going to love the card BTW; and working in an xray department I can imagine the other pictures she emailed you. Ouch doesn’t even begin to touch it.

  9. Keep up the good work with the art classes 🙂 I agree with the comment re: looking back at your first card. Practice, patience and lots to learn…sounds like my stamping!

    I’m thankful for modern medicine that could help put your SIL’s leg!! Ouch, it hurts just looking at the x-ray. Tell her she will feel cold where the plates are — mom always had a sock on her foot to keep it warm 🙂

    Thanks for sharing some interesting things about yourself. You have had quite an interesting life! Quick 7 about me: I was born in Costa Rica, I can speak Spanish (well, past and present tense mostly, but can get buy), I worked with Billy Graham for a year, went to university in the US when BC had a reciprocity agreement with WA state and I got to pay in-state tuition — and the CDN Dollar was at par!! Took it 28 years to get back to par where it is now too!, I have lived in 4 countries, our neighbours cat adopted us and moved right in refusing to go back (try explaining that one to your new neighbours!), went to provicials in track and field twice and placed 4th in the discuss.

  10. Susan, the classes will surely help your stamping, especially watercoloring, not that you need any help…I wish there was someone here that I could take from. I think it would be fun. Your stamping is amazing and I love that little puppy in the shoe card…


  11. I envy your art classes, and your ability to laugh at yourself. (Love the pompom!) I’m sure you will pick up many “pearls” that will enhance all of your creative endeavors. BTW, I thought your painting of the tulips was awesome. Mine would have looked like stick tulips.

    Love the shading and lighting you were able to accomplish in the image above.

  12. Maybe I should think about art classes! You’re too hard on yourself! You are very talented! My beginning card sort of looks like where I am now, except now I use the stampamajig so things are straighter! LOL! You have so many interesting things that you shared in your tag! I’m not sure I could name 7:
    I met my sweetheart in the library! Everyone thinks that’s cliche’ for something else, but no, it’s true! I always wanted to be a teacher, and my sister always wanted to be a nurse. I ended up going to nursing school because that’s all my family could afford. I finished nursing school on a bet!! (A friend of mine bet I wouldn’t finish when I passed out at my first dressing change in the hospital, which, BTW, I had never stepped foot in before my first day of nursing school!). I was attacked by a bull on my farm when I was 11 yrs. old — ruined my favorite dress too! I had 2 jobs as a teenager which I started the very same day — I decorated cakes in a bakery in the morning, then went to clean a printing shop in the afternoon every Saturday. Enough boring stuff about me now!! Have a great Easter! Jeanne

  13. I too read all the way to the bottom and enjoyed every word! You are far more adventurous than me! I don’t know if I will give you seven but here are the more interesting ones (IMO). 1. I brought my 14yr old niece from Oklahoma to live with me for her high school years — this is akin to swimming with sharks without the wet suit and oxygen! Oh, did I mention I don’t have children of my own? 2. I retired from a big corporate executive job (not by choice but because of health) and I am now a SAHM and stamper! I am loving it! 3. I have driven an 18 wheeler across country early in my career and had a great time doing it! 4. I have been on 20+ cruises, mostly with my good friend and cousin. 5. I have been dating a fabulous man for about those same 20 years. Maybe someday we will actually marry and sell one of our homes! 6. I built my own home. I was the general contractor, hired (and in one case fired) all of the subcontractors and picked out every single itty bitty thing in the whole place. One of my proudest accomplishments — on time and under budget! 7. There are only six interesting things about me!
    Happy Easter!

  14. I leave town for a few days and I come back to chaos!!! You simply CAN’T quit the painting classes…if I have to go – so do you! And you had more giveaways while I was away…what choice do I have now but to have one of my own?! I have no idea how works so you’ll have to advise…also, what’s this about you owning a Harley? Scuba diving with SHARKS?!?! Oh Susan….I fear it’s time you upped your meds! I’m duly impressed by the way….if I ever see you riding your Harley in scuba gear you should know that I’ll have to report you. xoxo, Nan

  15. You are a VERY interesting women! Today’s post was one of the BEST!
    Glad you are giving the painting classes another chance, your card is adorable ~ I just love that puppy stamp, and I hope your SIL is feeling better. That X-Ray just looks painful!

  16. I think you’re better at this art stuff than YOU think you are! I’d love to see you keep trying and eventually WOW us all. It sure makes for some entertaining posts! You applied your new skills very nicely on your BIL’s card. Gosh, your SIL is a little bit like The Bionic Woman now, isn’t she? I hope she’s not feeling too much pain. Finally, your 7 things were very interesting! Sounds like you lead a diverse and active life–good for you!

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