Nov 182011

Do you have finished cards that you’ve never given to anyone because there was something about them that you didn’t like, but you couldn’t figure out what it was or how to fix it?  I have boxes full of just such cards.  One of my goals is to decrease the number of cards in those boxes.  Today I’ve managed to decrease that number by three.

With this first card, no matter what image I put on it, it would get lost with all the background stamping.  I even added a red ribbon accent to try and get the thing to “pop”.  Here is how it has been sitting in my craft room for years!  I can tell because it was clear back in the days when I stamped my own backgrounds instead of using patterned papers (and generally only made card fronts that were added to card bases when needed.)

Aha!  The card was popping with the ribbon, but that was doing nothing to help to pop the image.  Voila!  Add some red behind the image as well.

Love this holly image from SU’s Bells & Boughs set!

Here is another oldie-goldie-background stamped card (July 2006) that was about as blah as they come.  The red didn’t do much to pop anything this time.

My solution was to add another color entirely.  This is such an odd color scheme, but I think it worked to bring some life to this golden coma.

This final card (front) (August 2006) was actually one that I loved but wasn’t thrilled with my coloring on the sailboats.  So couldn’t bring myself to give it away.

But now I have COPICS!!!!

Moral to the story?  NEVER give up!!  That’s three cards that are now ready to give away.  Just have 300+ more to go!  lol

Happy Crafting!


Does it ever happen to you?  A card or project looks great in your head, but when you try to translate it to a real life creation it falls way short of your vision.  Well I have a whole box in my craft room dedicated to just such disappointments…  I can’t quite throw them away, but something about them just isn’t right.  So they get tossed into “the box”.  Well in an attempt to do a little house cleaning today, I pulled out a couple of these rejects from long ago to see if I could salvage them.


This was one of my very first attempts at card making.  Here is what it looks like now.


I completely removed the sentiment and the green strip of card stock replacing it with some wide grosgrain ribbon.  The bottom section was embossed with the Swiss Dots EF.  Some Kaiser flatback pearls were added as well as a taffeta bow.  The next photo shows it slightly open so that you can see how the sentiment is actually popped up with a dimensional on the inside of the card.  It peeks through the hole punched on the front.


I’m much happier about this card now!  Phew!

The second card wasn’t quite as desperate, so the changes are more subtle.


It just needed a little more interest.  I sponged around the green card stock to rough up the torn edge and help “pop” the panel.  The ribbon was changed and a knot added.  The flame got some glitter and a little more shading was added around the candle base.


Yup, I like this one now, too.

Now if you are like me and have one of “those boxes”, give this a try.  Sometimes coming back to a card or project after leaving it for awhile really helps enable me to see what it is that it needs to become that vision I had for it in the first place.

Happy stamping!smileyrainingnotani.gif

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