Does it ever happen to you?  A card or project looks great in your head, but when you try to translate it to a real life creation it falls way short of your vision.  Well I have a whole box in my craft room dedicated to just such disappointments…  I can’t quite throw them away, but something about them just isn’t right.  So they get tossed into “the box”.  Well in an attempt to do a little house cleaning today, I pulled out a couple of these rejects from long ago to see if I could salvage them.


This was one of my very first attempts at card making.  Here is what it looks like now.


I completely removed the sentiment and the green strip of card stock replacing it with some wide grosgrain ribbon.  The bottom section was embossed with the Swiss Dots EF.  Some Kaiser flatback pearls were added as well as a taffeta bow.  The next photo shows it slightly open so that you can see how the sentiment is actually popped up with a dimensional on the inside of the card.  It peeks through the hole punched on the front.


I’m much happier about this card now!  Phew!

The second card wasn’t quite as desperate, so the changes are more subtle.


It just needed a little more interest.  I sponged around the green card stock to rough up the torn edge and help “pop” the panel.  The ribbon was changed and a knot added.  The flame got some glitter and a little more shading was added around the candle base.


Yup, I like this one now, too.

Now if you are like me and have one of “those boxes”, give this a try.  Sometimes coming back to a card or project after leaving it for awhile really helps enable me to see what it is that it needs to become that vision I had for it in the first place.

Happy stamping!smileyrainingnotani.gif

19 Responses to “Sprucing Up the Rejects”

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  2. Yep! I have a lot of them, too. Definitely will take your suggestion! Your new versions are totally terrific!

  3. This was a great lesson in recycling those old cards! You’ve sure come a long way since you began card making! TFS!

  4. Wow, what a difference – those are wonderful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Do I have a “BOX” of rejects, and they sit there just waiting to be sent. But, when I look at them…they go right back in the BOX! I will just have to take your suggestion and go VISIT my BOX!

  6. Wow! Susan it is amazing how several changes and some additions to the card can change it!!! I know what you mean by thinking about the card and when you are making it… I love the makeovers you did!!!
    When I was making a card yesterday I had a plan in my head and then when I almost finished it, I didn’t like it. I took a break and came back to it… And I changed little things and liked it!!!
    I also have a box of the cards which I am not happy about…
    I think we are just to hard to ourselfs!
    Oh, Susan, I have an award for you at my blog. Sorry if you already got it and I missed it. And it is all right if you don’t have a time to respond, I understand this.

  7. Susan they are great! I like the spruced up versions. I never keep mine usually, they are tossed. I know ACK… Tossed but hey I can keep them now for the *spruced* up section. hee hee

  8. I had to laugh when I read this because I have oddles and gobs of rejects that I just keep hanging on to….thanks for the inspiration!!! I will look at all those yucky cards in a new light and thanks for giving me an excuse for hanging on to them….heeheehee!!!

  9. WOW, Susan!! I love how your spruced up your “rejects”, they look GREAT!! I too have a fair share of the cards that do not turn out the way I would like them too, but I never keep them.. Might have to start though after seeing what you have done with yours 🙂

  10. Susan, I can totally relate! You’re such a better woman than me, I dump mine . . . !! Both cards are fabulous!

  11. Love what you have done with these, really dressed them up nicely, I will have to do this next time I just don’t feel right about a card, I will have to put it aside and come back later, I usually keep working away at it until I get it somewhat how I like it!

  12. What wonderful transformations!

  13. Wow! Very resourceful!
    Except…that was one of your first ‘attempts’??? Yikes! No wonder your work is so impressive- you started off pretty amazing!

  14. You are so resourceful, Susan… and I LOVE your updated versions!!

  15. Great idea Susan!! I always give away my cards… I would have to hunt down all the people I have given them to to see if they kept them… Would be a fun challenge no?

  16. It’s nice to know a pro like you has some misses too. LOL I think all my mistakes are why my table is ALWAYS such a mess. 😉 These are fantastic! Maybe I should take a second look at some of my cards instead of just throwing them away.

  17. very pretty and to think they were rejects LOL

  18. What a great post, Susan! I sometimes cringe when I look back on my first attempts at cardmaking, and I’m amazed at how much my style has grown and changed! I love your subtle changes that make a big difference! 🙂

  19. I do this every now and then, and it’s usually a result of housecleaning, too! I like your changes. You really freshened up the look and now the only thing left is to get them in the mail (or something). Thanks for sharing the transformation!

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