Over the last few years my “green” habits have improved.. Not a lot. I still drive an SUV and use plastic grocery bags. But I have made a few changes. I recycle now. I wash all my tin cans, soda cans and plastic containers to prepare them for the recycle bin we have in our garage. I use paper towels much less often grabbing instead a cloth rag from the “rag” drawer to clean up spills or whatever. So in consideration of Earth Day, which was Tuesday this week, I decided it would be a good time to go to my ever growing scrap pile and ribbon drawer and NOT to the files of new uncut papers or rolls of uncut ribbon. I had NEVER done this before so that scrap pile was huge (two drawers full in fact!) I can never bring myself to throw things away so to ease my conscience I have for the last 2-1/2 years just tossed it into the drawers. It was time to see what I could do….


What a hodge podge this card is! Every imaginable shade of red on different pieces of scraps from Real Red to Ruby Red, Really Rust, Cameo Coral, Pretty in Pink and Cranberry Crisp. The only thing newly stamped is the sentiment. Everything else was already stamped. The french knotted ribbon was already done. Only the brads and the card base were not from scraps but are new.


Not from scraps on this card are the brads, stickles and card base. The sentiment was newly stamped on a small piece of scrap Whisper White card stock and punched out with my oval punch. This did create a small amount of waste.


Not from scraps on this card are the rhinestones. Everything else, including the ribbons and card base, is from the scrap or ribbon drawers. I added the paper piercing.


I just realized I didn’t put a sentiment on this card. Oops! Anyway only the card base is new. Everything else was in the scrap or ribbon drawers. I did trim the Bravo Burgundy background piece of card stock which created a couple slivers of waste.


New on this card is the bottom brad and card base. I also added all the faux stitching and the sentiment (which was stamped on a sliver of scrap Whisper White card stock.)


This is a small 4″ X 4″ card. Only the staple is new. The slit punched piece of Whisper White card stock was trimmed. The leftover piece was put back in the scrap pile.

Moral to the story: I need to do this WAY more often. Looking at my drawers now one would never know that anything had changed. They are still filled with possibility!

35 Responses to “A Little Consideration”

  1. Oh, my goodness . . .you have me so laughing! Your scrap drawer is like Paradise Lost and Found! You even have a knack for makiing something out of nothing!! I LOVE it!

  2. Susan, I love all your scrap cards! Great job in “finding” Paradise. Each one is a wonderful one-of-a-kind!!

  3. Wow, what a fabulous job you did with your scraps, Susan — very cool & creative [email protected]

  4. These are all so beautiful! My scrap box just gets bigger and bigger…I should do this as well. I could create sooo many things with my scraps! Thanks for sharing, Susan! Your cards are just beautiful as usual! I so love your work! 🙂

  5. Filled with possibility indeed … I really love how you combined all of those shades of red and pink … fabulous cards!

  6. Get out! You made all those from scraps! They are amazing! I love that you made them work with what you had. I should try this…challenge myself!

    They are all fabulous but I’d never thought all those red tones would be so great together!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are all so gorgeous! What a great use of scraps! And wow, so many of them! It takes me FOREVER just to make one card, I’m such a slow stamper – I wish I could pump them out like this (and still have them look so incredibly perfect!!)

  8. Your work is just so gorgeous!

    I tagged you on my blog! I hope you can play along.


  9. Well, you did pretty darn good for just using scraps! I am so bad, I DO NOT save most of my scraps…..although I do have a little pile here on my desk I haven’t tossed. Hmmmmm……maybe I should try this too! Check out the Friday challenge at SCS!!

  10. My problem is I don’t make anything this beautiful from my file drawers!!!! Just lovely!!!!

  11. What a terrific idea! I really need to challenge myself to create cards from scraps — my stash is huge, too. Your cards are always beautiful and these are even green, way to go!

  12. Susan, these are all just fabulous. I especially love the 1st, 4th, & 5th. Is that a cork flower?

  13. I can’t believe these were all made with scraps!!! They are great!! I love all of them!

  14. Susan, these are just wonderful examples of stamping “green”!! I love your creativity in using your scraps — the card designs are wonderful!! Kudos!

  15. WOW! your cards are all stunning!! Can I come to your house and make some cards from your scraps? I can offer 2 more drawers of new scraps in exchange! LOL I especially love the card with the raspberries, they look good enough to eat!
    I’m going to have to go through my scraps and recycle now too, thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Bravo! They all turned out just fantastic! What an inspirational project! Linda

  17. Wow! Those cards are just gorgeous! I keep my scraps and use them, but not like this.

  18. What a fabulous job you did…digging in your scrap drawer really got your creative juices flowing…each card is so different from the next. I am going to have to figure out how you did the “french knot” ribbon…love that effect!


  19. Wow these are fabulous!! Can you come help me with my scrap drawers now??? Those berries look delicious!!

  20. What a fantastic idea! I love all of these cards, they are all beautiful! hmmmmm I wonder what I can come up with using my scraps! I think I’ll give it a try, Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  21. Wow, wow, wow!!! You did an amazing job with just scraps and you got a lot done in one day! I think I need to look at my scrap pile a little closer.

  22. Wow! I was giong to comment on how pretty the first – and then the second – and then it just keeps going! You made some very beautiful cards with your scraps! That is awesome!
    And thanks for your comment on my blog!!

  23. These are all gorgeous – you have some great scraps!! I absolutely love the Stickled raspberries – they look delectable 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  24. LOVE these Susan! All are excellent

  25. WoW!!! Those are all AWESOME!!!! Fantasitc job on them all!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  26. Woo hoo! Way to make those scraps into beautiful works of art!! You go, girl!!

  27. WOW! That is so impressive!!! You are a GREAT scrap-user-upper! 🙂 Those are ALL fabulous!

  28. what great cards! I like to make it a habit to make my project around the scraps I have – sometimes changing my color combos because I don’t have a certain color that would work. makes me feel better to use what’s already cut.

  29. Wow!!! LOVE your scraps—these cards are all gorgeous. I think the first is my fav but really hard to pick–they are all fantastic!

  30. I’m truly depressed….even your SCRAPS are beautiful! I love the first one – with all the reds – you must have had a great time doing this – high on creativity – perhaps I need to give that a try and forget the drugs….kidding – I’m not THAT crazy!
    But you have given me the inspiration I needed this morning to do something – I might even use MY scraps – I’ve got an enormous basket filled with fabric scraps just waiting for a creative burst of energy! If anything “develops” I’ll let you know! xoxo

  31. WOW, these are just fabulous!!

  32. Beautiful cards with just scraps. Mine would have looked like technicolor if I tried to do just scraps. I have a hard time coordinating colors.
    But I am going to try this, since the scrap pile is getting too big.

  33. Great job using up the scraps! I too hoard mine and decided that once a week (and now more often than that) I go to the scraps there first before allowing myself to dig into the new uncut stuff. It is amazing how much you can do with the scraps and you have proven that wonderfully with all your creations 🙂

  34. OMGosh you have done a fantastic job with scraps that I couldn’t even do making a card from scratch…Love them! TFS

  35. BRAVO for using those scraps!! I’d never have known if you didn’t say! These are all FABOO!

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