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What do you do when you find a March wedding invitation that you completely forgot about? Well how about make a card, tuck a gift card inside and hope that a little something 3 months into the marriage will come in handy! Will I be forgiven?


Judging by the invitation and the pink blouse the bride was wearing in her engagement picture, I decided she likes pink. I love to try and make wedding cards to match the invitation. Guess I figure the bride is more likely to like it that way. You can see part of this one behind the card in the picture. And since I am so late I decided not to put the typical wedding sentiment on the card. I chose instead to use my fabulous new JustRite Monogram Stamper that I got from Flourishes. Check them out here. The monogram on this card uses the Damask Borders and the Special Occasions Alphabet.


The mongram on this card uses the Small Letters and Medium and Large Numbers sets to customize a personal monogram for my son’s 17th birthday. How fun is this!!


A few weeks ago Leslie Miller had a picture of a deer in her garden. Today I was visited by some of our local residents. I don’t have any tender flowers for them, but they seemed to enjoy these sweet new leaves. They have gotten so use to people that I was able to get quite close to them. They never did seem frightened but instead finished their meal and then wandered off to the neighbors. I think they are so cute.


Card 1 – Wedding
Stamps: Monogram JustRite Stamper
Papers: PTI White, Regal Rose, DP Lasting Impressions
Inks: Preinked Monogram Stamper
Accessories: Nestabilities, Cuttlebug, Satin Roses, GG Ribbon, Scalloped Scissors

Card 2 – Birthday
Stamps: Monogram JustRite Stamper
Papers: DP SU! “East Coast Prep”, Whisper White, Tempting Turquoise, Real Red
Inks: Preinked Monogram Stamper
Accessories: GG Ribbon, Nestabilities, Cuttlebug

18 Responses to “Rite On!”

  1. Oh, Susan!!! This simple, simple, but simply GORGEOUS wedding card has just taken my breath away!!!! It could NOT be more gorgeous had you planned on it and worked on it for months — what a fabulous design — and so beautifully done!!! And I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who does things like that — LOL!!! Love your son’s BD card as well — how fun to customize a card like that — fabulous job on both cards!!! And, oh yes, those deer are a common sight here — only we count them by the dozens and hundreds in our fields — yes, eating our crops!!! They are cute – but — LOL!!!

  2. Love your cards Susan. Now I think I ‘need’ one of those monogram stamps!!!!!!! Love the deer too. TFS

  3. Susan, that wedding card is lovely. What a wonderful idea to make it similar to her invites. I’m sure she will LOVE it!!
    Your son’s birthday card is fabulous too! Great colours! I’m going to check out the Monogram stamper…looks like a MUST have tool 😉
    Beautiful deer pics. I don’t get the wild life in the city and I miss seeing these sorts of things.

  4. Love your wedding gift card, how simple and elegant and your birthday card is great, sure Zack will love it. Thanks for sharing the picture of your back yard visitors.

  5. the wedding card is perfect! It’s so pretty with the colors and such a personal touch with the monogram and little bouquet of mini flowers. I guess that monogram tool is going to be my latest must have (after I buy my Scor-Pal) LOL I wish I could afford to invest in all these awesome crafting tools! Your son’s birthday card is great and you managed to use ribbon on it without making it feminine. Nice job!
    Love the pictures of the deer – they’re such beautiful graceful animals!

  6. Awww the deer are so cute!!

    Ooops, I’m sure they’ll forgive you. Your card is gorgeous love those monograms!! Love the birthday card too, awesome fold and love all the colors with the CB inside!!

  7. I *love* that monogram stamper!!! what a cool tool to have around. Your cards came out gorgeous and so special!!! I am sure the happy couple will love to have a surprise gift in such a lovely card!

    Great photo of your visitors too!

  8. I would love some more information on how those monongram stamps work. I was just looking at the website but was not sure what to order. It was a little confusing…what works with what???

    Thanks for the help! You can email me at
    [email protected] if you have time

  9. WONDERFUL cards, Susan!! The wedding one is so elegant and the birthday one is so bright and fun! I love the monogram!! And those deer are adorable! Great photo!!

  10. OOOH – love your wedding monogram card, I bet the Bride will ADORE it – as far as forgiving you about missing the wedding, wow that’s a tough one! *wink* I’m sure she will!! the birthday card is FABULOUS, I bet Zach will think it ROCKS

  11. Susan, these are ALL fabulous! I love the wedding one as well as the birthday card!

  12. […] Susan Roberts – Boy’s Birthday Card (plus a gorgeous Wedding Card)    […]

  13. Susan, your monogram wedding card is so classy and beautiful!! I love the fold on Zach’s card, and the bright cheery colors!! Fabulous cards, and great pictures of the deer!!

  14. Oh my gosh Susan, these cards are FABULOUS (love the flower buds)!!! The bride will love the card and, speaking from experience, will love getting the gift certificate no matter how much time has passed! What a wonderfully perfect card for your son. I’m going to order that kit and make graduation cards (how perfect is that to make customized graduation cards!!!). Thanks so much for the idea, hope you don’t mind if I case you on that! LOL!!!!

    Cute story about your deer. We have them in our neighborhood as well and those little pesties have all much destroyed my roses! Roses and Indian Hawthorne are Russian caviar to the deer.

  15. Susan, these cards are perfect for each occasion! I did not know you could personalize these monogram stamps, how cool is that. I was referring specifically to the one for your son where you put his name etc. What a great idea!

    I love the wedding one as well and it does match her invitation peeking out from the bg…the little touch of the pretty roses is on time, gf!


  16. What great cards, Susan! I LOVE the wedding card! Adding the tiny roses was such a perfect touch! And the birthday card is just too cool!! “Sweet” little deer eat all my hostas and azaleas! Yeah, not so cute!!

  17. You have real deer in your yard? Lucky you! The closest thing to a deer up here on the hill is that metal one in Saffron! That just chaps my hide every time I see it too! Love the pink card – and you have up to a year afterwards to send a gift…as my Aunt Billie Beth used to say, “I’ll give them a wedding present if they stay together for 6 months!” Needless to say, she wasn’t invited to many weddings! The card is darling and think how happy they’ll be to get something in the mail NOW!

  18. Oh! Each card is fabulous in its own way! The wedding card is so, so pretty with the monogram and the satin roses. Gorgeous! Yes, the deer are enjoying the heck out of my spring greens, tsk, tsk. They sure are a sight, though!

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