In February I offered some of the 2009 SU! SAB sets for Blog Candy.  Well I’ve got one more of the “Polka Dot Punches” set to give away.  But this time I’m also including a brand new pack of the “Delicate Dots” Designer Series Paper AND the “Ribbon Bundle” of 5/8″ Certainly Celery poly-twill and So Saffron grosgrain ribbons!

The Blog Candy is in celebration of one of my best days ever!  I’ve just gotten home from spending Spring Break in Mexico, and I finally got to do something that I’ve wanted to do for years!  I swam with and got hugs and kisses from dolphins and sea lions! It was such a joy to play with these wonderful creatures!!

dolphinswim1apr09mx.JPG   dolphinswim2apr09mx.JPG


sealionsmileapr09mx.JPG  sealionsongapr09mx.JPG


Okay okay back to the Blog Candy…

smileycomputer2ani.gifTo enter your name for this Blog Candy, simply leave a comment ON THIS POST.  I will close this post on Wednesday, April 8th at midnight at which time a winner will be drawn using random.org.

Good Luck!!


114 Responses to “BLOG CANDY – One of My Best Days Ever!!!! SU! 2009 SAB “Polka Dot Punches” and More!!”

  1. Looks like you had so much fun! Love your blog, and
    appreciate the chance! Thanks! Diane

  2. …What fun you had with the dolphins and sea lions….how wonderful that you got to do that……Would love to win your blog candy….could have a lot of fun with it.
    Thanks, Joy M

  3. What fun! A day you will remember forever!

  4. Hi Susan

    You are braver than me. I don’t think I would swim with those big dolphins and seals.
    Thanks for a chance to win this blog candy!

  5. What a thrill and experience of a lifetime, Susan. All I can say is, I’m so jealous!!! Such great photos. The joyful expressions on your face says it all. Linda

  6. How cool! I don’t need to win the candy (already have tons of it!!!) but I just have to say how wonderful this looks and so happy that you had a chance to do this!

  7. Oh my goodness, how absolutely fabulous for you. Loved your smiles! Awesome blog candy-come on random.org I would love to win.

  8. WOW, it looks like you had an experience of a lifetime swimming AND getting kisses/hugs from dolphins and sea lions. What more could a girl ask for?!!! Thank you for the chance to win some blog candy. Have a blessed Easter week.

  9. Oh, what fun!!! The look on your face says it all, Susan! Glad you had such a wonderful time on your vacation. 😉 Thanks for giving us another chance to win some of your SU goodness!

  10. How exciting that you got to do something you always wanted to do! You look like you had a great time.


  11. What fun. So happy for you that you were able to have this awesome experience. And how sweet of you to reward us for your good fortune. Thanks bunches

  12. What wonderful photos – and a cute little mermaid swimming with her ocean friends! Looks like it was certainly a day to remember.

  13. Yay, you did it! You go girl! I can tell you were having the time of your life Susan. Come to CHA in Orlando this summer and we’ll swim with the Dolphins at Sea World! What fabulous photos, thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Oh WOW that must have been amazing!!! And a plus was leaving all the cold rain in Washington for the warmth of Mexico. Next time you go, I’ll be glad to volunteer to go with you to carry your luggage and take your picture and bring you drinks – wink. Thanks for bringing warm weather back with you.
    Elaine M – Washington State [email protected]

  15. That looks like so much fun! I have always wanted to do that and hope to get the chance one day.

  16. Oh my gosh, you are so lucky! Those animals are so fascinating. Maybe I will get a chance to do that some day too. And thanks for the chance at the blog candy. I always love your posts.

  17. What a great day! I’m so jealous!!! Great pictures as well!!

  18. What a fantastic and memorable opportunity! WOW!

  19. Oh Susan that looks like so much fun, super cute kissed too. :0)

  20. Oh WOW!!!! the joy that is in your smile with the dolphins kissing you….thank you for sharing your experience with us. I too can relate to the enjoyment of swimming and hugging the dolphins, as I too was able to fulfill that chance when I was in Mexico last year. It was so nice to see you sharing today this event as it has been a sad day today for me as I lost a friend to lung cancer this morning and it was nice to be nudged back to a more joyful time. Oh yes, thank you so much for the chance to win the Polka Dots and More Blog Candy……nice stuff!!!

  21. Oh, that looks like SO much fun. The animals look like they are enjoying it too. Here in WA we are getting closer to spring. 2 days in a row of sunshine–yes!!

    I love that SU set, so put my name in your hat!

  22. Wow- that would be a perfect cure for a bad day! The look of pure joy on your face even lifted my mood today! Thank you! 🙂

  23. Wow that is sooo cool! I’m glad you got to fulfill your dreams!! You look so happy and how nice it is you can always hold that moment in your heart forever!!

  24. How cool is that! Love thepix of you with the dolphins!! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy!

  25. Great pictures. Glad you had a great time. Thanks for a chance to win. Really enjoy your blog.

  26. Wow what fun that must have been, someday I hope to get to. Thank you for the chance to win.

  27. Wow, what an experience! Thanks for the chance at winning some great candy.

  28. Oh wow! What fun that must have been! You’re smiling from ear to ear … lol! Thanks for the chance to win some awesome blog candy! I’ve been a follower of your blog for awhile now and I really like your creations!

  29. That looks like such fun…a wonderful break from the “mundane” of everyday life. And Dolphins, too!!

    Tghanks for the great blog candy offer. That’s awesome.

  30. It’s always wonderful when dreams come true. Congratulations on fulfilling one of yours. Your joy radiates from the screen! And thanks for increasing your readers joy by sharing yours and sharing such awesome candy!

    Hugs and blessings – Jean

  31. I’m jealous!! Something I’ve wanted to do too 🙂 Glad you were able to finally enjoy some fun in the water with some fun loving animals. Great pictures and some wonderful memories, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing the joy with us via blog candy.

  32. Wow! What a great spring break & fabulous photos! I hope you’re going to scrap those!!!

  33. Congratulations Susan! So happy that you were able to have a wonderful vacation in Mexico — you look super happy with those dolphins!!!! Thank you for the fun blog candy — someone will be super happy with these goodies!! ~Amy S.~

  34. What a fun experience! Thanks for sharing those pictures, and for the terrific blog candy.

  35. Oooh my gosh, was that in Ixtapa?! My family and I were there in Feb. Everyone swam with the dolphins except me (I don’t do bathing suits well!) Looks so exciting! As does the blog candy! That paper is to die for! Ramona

  36. What a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing the pix. And what a great give-away. Hope I win.

  37. That looks like an incredible experience! Thanks for posting the pictures! ~Linda

  38. Oh, wow!!! What a wonderful adventure! I have always wanted to do something like this, too. Thanks for sharing your awsome experience!

  39. What fun! It looks like you are having a blast! They are such amazing animals. Cathy

  40. Wow, I have not done that yet. I think you all are beautiful. I memory you won’t forget for a long time. Good for you.

  41. Wow! What a wonderful thing to do on vacation. Wonderful pictures.

  42. Welcome back – sounds like a fun vacation! I loved the colors and corduroy button in yesterday’s card – TFS, and thanx for the t’riffic blog candy opp today!

  43. you looked like you had the time of your life from the pictures. It’s so much fun to experience new and different things. Thanks for the chance to win this blog candy.

  44. What a time you had! Great photos and memories. I guess my “vacation” would be winning your wonderful goodies and just playing with them. Not as exciting as yours but I could easily make do! Thanks for sharing your photos! Gotta live through others adventures when I can.

  45. How wonderful!!! Dolphins AND seals! What an experience! As I’m stuck at home, I think I need some excitement, too, like winning some blog candy!

  46. OMGoodness!! How fun that looks! We returned from Cancun on Saturday. Such a wonderful vacation (windy, but much better than the sun they were receiving around these parts!) Welcome home!

  47. How cool is that! That is something I’ve always wanted to do…swim with the dolphins. You can tell from your smiles that you were having the time of your life.

    On another note, you have a fabulous blog and are so talented. Thanks for sharing all your creations and for offering more blog candy! Have a great day!

  48. I am so jealous! That may be the top of my bucket list if I ever get time to make one. What an experience you had. I’m happy for you.

  49. What a Memory! I can not imagine how it must have felt to be SO in that moment! Your face says it all in those great pictures!
    Thanks for the chance to win the goodies.

  50. Oh how fun! I love the pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! It looks like you had a blast.

  51. That looks great—we still have snow on the ground. Wish I was with you.

  52. WOW!!! I am so jealous! I ran over my husband once at Sea World to be able to touch the dolphin in the petting pool! What you got to do is soooooooo awesome!!!!! Thanks for sharing your special day!

  53. These are great photos of you having fun with the sea lions and dolphins. What fun memories! I live in the middle of the ocean and haven’t ever done that. Thanks for sharing the animals with us.

  54. Susan, you look like you were having such a blast!!!! That looks like so much fun.

  55. I hate to carry tales but looks like you picked up a boyfriend or two in Mexico!! You are beaming!! Thanks for sharing your good times with us and also your goodies!!

  56. How lucky for you to get to spend time with those precious critters Susan.

    thanks much

  57. How awesome to swim with the dolphins and sea lions. Memories to last a lifetime. Thanks for all you share and for the chance to win some great goodies.

  58. It really is great to do things we always wanted to do — your smile says it all! It is a lesson for the rest of us not to put off what we want to do — we all need to smile.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure and lesson for the rest of us.

  59. Very cool! What memories…and great pictures too. Always nice to be able to share expeirences.

  60. Congrats on such a fun day…those pics will be great for scrapbooking! Deidre M

  61. What a great experience- looks like you a had a blast too!

    Thanks for the chance at some candy!

  62. Yay for you, having such a great day! I’ve heard of swimming with dolphins, but never with sea lions! Did they have fishy breath?! Or “baited” breath, as so many people spell it. I’m glad you got to do something you always wanted to. Thanks for the chance to win the goodies.

  63. Brilliant! and what a great time you had! Something you will always remember and to make a fabby scrapbook of!

  64. We did a “dolphin encounter” on one of our spring break trips a few years ago. Well worth the price for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Thanks for the chance to win this great candy!

  65. Glad you had such a great vacation! What a wonderful experience. Thanks for the opportunity to win some great blog candy!

  66. I have always wanted to swim with the dolphins and the sea lions look like a great bonus. Maybe one day. Looks like you had such a great time. I love the set you are giving away. You make such wonderful projects. Traci

  67. How fantastic! I have never heard of anyone swimming with sea lions. Your picture of them smooching on you is precious 🙂
    Thank you for offering another chance to win that fun stamp set + more!

  68. Ohhhhhhh, it looks like you had a blast. How fun. I’d love to feel how silky soft a dolphin is. Amazing how they will swim with strangers, eh. Thanks for the blog candy, and welcome back.

  69. Oh how fun that must have been, I always thought that would be interesting to do, I have seen them perform before but never been that up close and personal, so glad you had a great time!

  70. Great pictures Susan! Glad you got to do something that was on your wish list for so long.

  71. Heh!! I have the same wish – to see and swim with dolphins. Went to New Zealand in 2000 and ran out of time to get to see the dolphins! Love your site and the inspiration that you give me. Thanks.

  72. HOW CUTE!!!!!! Those friends are just so adorable and how lucky were you? I would love to do that someday! Great pictures, My favorite it the one of the sealion screaming, that is OMGOODNESS funny! Thanks for sharing!

  73. Wow! Thanks for sharing the great pictures…sure can tell you were enjoying all those “kisses”! LOL Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful “blog candy”!!!

  74. Aww, Susan — I’ve done the dolphin swimming before, too — isn’t it fabulous?!! So glad you enjoyed your trip!

  75. Good for you, ‘Rainy’!
    I’m reading Debbie MacComber’s book, Twenty Wishes, which is about how making lists of 20 wishes changes the lives of each of the four main women. I would put riding in a hot air balloon at the top of my list. Winning blog candy would be on my list too. lol

  76. Oh what fun it looks like you had! I’ve always wanted to do that too! Maybe one day….!

  77. I have heard of people swimming with the dolphins for health reasons. I think that would be cool. The sea lions are so cute. Hope I get to swim with them some day. What a cool way to spend Spring Break! I love the polka-dot punches set and certainly celery and so saffron are my 2 favorite spring colors. Hope I win!!!

  78. oooh, Susan, I’m so jealous! Looks like you were having so much fun! Good for you!

    We’re getting ready to go on a dive trip, but I won’t get to play with dolphins and sea lions….so I need to win blog candy to make me feel better!!

  79. This looks like so much fun! Anything where the temp. is above 32 degrees looks fun right now!!! Someday spring will come to MN. I love this stamp set! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  80. Looks like you had a fun time! I was able to go snorkeling this spring in Hawaii. There are some super cool sea creatures out there.

  81. How wonderful! The pictures are incredible too. ~ Rose

  82. I’m nearly green with envy! What a wonderful day that must have been. Maybe I can one day have the same pleasure.
    Thanks for the chance to win the generous blog candy.

  83. what fun I love visting Mexico

  84. Oh Susan, what a fabulous day. I’ve patted a dolphin at a theme park, but I would dearly love to swim with them. I’m so glad for you that you had this wonderful experience. They are such beautiful creatures.
    Hugs, Anne P.

  85. Looks like you had a great time! I am so jealous — I’ve been going through a winter time funk. It would be great to win your fabulous prize, I’m sure that would cheer me up! Thanks for the chance to win!

  86. Looks like you had a ball!! It’s always nice when we get something we’ve always wanted – swimming with dolphins and sea lions is a special one!! thanks for the chance to win and for your constant inspiration!

  87. HI, I hope to do swim with the dolphins this fall -on a cruise to Mexico!!! My son did it in Florida years ago and I was so jealous of him. You look so happy and relaxed! I would love to win the candy but hope who every wins enjoys it!

  88. How fun! That’s a day that’s on my bucket list as well. I’m glad you were able to do….well, glad and jealous. 😉

  89. woohoo what fun you were having – I am jealous!! thanks for chance to win great candy!!

  90. Oh Susan, the joy is written all over your face in these incredible photos! I can feel your happiness all the way back here on the East coast! I’m so happy you had this wonderful opportunity to fulfill a dream of yours – how exciting!!
    Wow, this stamp set and dsp is what I’ve regretted the most for not buying from that Sale-a-bration catalog! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  91. Congrats. That sounds like such fun! Thanks for offering blog candy too.

  92. Susan, you look like you were having a blast…it is so cold here in GA now…in the 30s last night…definitely too cold for the south at this time of the year! Do not include me for the blog candy as I already own these…if you pick me, go to the next person. Have a wonderful Easter/

  93. What happiness in our troubles times you have shared with all of us…..Happy Easter and this is the first time I have entered anywhere and I am making a wish from my Easter bunny for “blog candy” in MY basket on Sunday – thank you, Sue

  94. Wow! Susan! How fun it is! Oh, I love those pictures! Glad that your dream came true!!!!!

  95. Love the pictures, susan. Thanks for sharing. And thanks too for a chance to win some blog candy. Just what I need to get my card mojo back.

  96. Wow, these are great pictues!! I would love to swim with
    dolphins as would my daughter.

    Congrats on fulfilling one of your dreams!

  97. what a great day, and such wonderful pictures! Lucky you to swim with the dolphins and seals, too!

  98. wow,,, dolphins,,, I am sooooooooooooooo jealous!!

    Love your blog,, thanks for the chance to satisfy my sweet tooth!

  99. That is something worth celebrating, what a treat for you. Loved the photos, you do look so happy.

  100. Sure does look like a best day ever. Not sure I could muster up the courage to swim with dolphins. Glad you had a wonderful time!

  101. That looks so cool!!! It must have been thrilling to live a dream! Gave me the desire to accomplish some of my own. Thanks!

  102. Oh wow, I’m so jealous! I’ve always loved dolphins (who wouldn’t?) and dream of swimming with them. The sea lions are cute too!

  103. I love the idea of swimminig with the dolphins and sea lions but I thnk when it actually came to it I would be scared. I would love my little 3 year old grand-daughter to experience it one day-maybe she will be the reason I overcome my fear. I’ll do anything for her!
    Thanks for the chance of winning some great blog candy!

  104. First time visiting your blog. Enjoyed your pictures and projects. Thank you for the opportunity to win blog candy.

  105. What a wonderful experience for you!! You look so happy in the pictures! Such fun!

  106. how cool is that,, swimming with the dolphins,,, awesome!
    thanks for the chance at all the sweets,,,

  107. WOW!!! that is crazy-cool! What a great experience for you!! Looks like a ton of fun!

  108. How lucky for you to finally be able to realize a dream!! Happy for you. Thanks for the great opportunity to win blog candy. Wow!!! Great prize. God bless.

  109. Glad you had so much fun! What great blog candy! Thanks for sharing all of your ideas!

  110. Looks like an absolutely magical experience … thanks for the chance to win.

  111. Ohhhhhhh AWESOME, Susan!! My cousins got to do that (in Mexico as well) too and they said it was THE best experience!

  112. Your pictures are fabulous! It looks like you had an amazing time!

  113. What a fun experience! Something to always remember! God bless for sharing your treats!

  114. OMG, Susan, you look like you are having the time of your life….what treasured memories!!!

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