This month Operation Write Home has been celebrating it’s birthday.  I was inspired to begin going through some of the boxes of cards I have to see which ones might be appropriate to mail to them.

This was a start:

Before each card is sent overseas, OWH stamps their name on the back.  I requested that they send me this stamp so that I could do this step for them.

Since it was only the rubber (with no foam backing), I used some foam backing leftover from an SU! set.  It’s rubber easily peeled away from the foam leaving most of the stickiness intact on the foam.

The rubber was placed on the foam and then cut out.

The stamp was then mounted on a Jenga block.  A whole Jenga game can be purchased for just a few dollars, and these blocks work perfectly as wood mounts!

Once it was mounted the image was stamped onto some printer paper which was cutout and taped to the wood block.

Now I can make sure that all my cards are stamped with the “Operation Write Home” name before they are mailed and save the mailroom at OWH a time consuming step.

Since the soldiers do not have white ink pens to write on the darker cardstocks, another thing you can do to help OWH is to make sure that all the insides of your cards have a white or light writing area.

Maybe you have some cards just laying around?  Why not send them in to Operation Write Home!

Happy Crafting!

13 Responses to “Operation Write Home”

  1. Susan, this is a wonderful collection that you are sending to our troops through Operation Write Home. You are the best!

  2. This is exactly how I got started! I gathered up all those cards I’ve made over the years, sorted them, stamped them, and sent them in! Now most of the cards I make go to OWH. It’s really a good feeling isn’t it? I never thought about the Jenga game for wood blocks! That’s a brilliant idea! I’ve been using plastic dominos! Your cards are beautiful!

  3. The troups are really going to flip over all these gorgoeus cards, Susan….thanks for the tip about the Jenga game wood blocks…you are sooo clever!!!!

  4. Who did you contact to get the OWH stamp? Think that was an excellent idea.
    [email protected]

  5. What a beautiful collection, Susan! And what a great idea to use a foam from left over! Love the wooden blocks idea too!

  6. Gorgeous cards that will be greatly appreciated Susan! Love your idea of making your own stamp to help save time for OWH.

  7. Susan, you are so sweet. I know from experience (I collected cards while Rick was deployed and he handed them out to his fellow troop members) how much they appreciate it. They loved getting new batches of cards in so they can pick some for their families.
    Thank you!
    And how cool is that. I never thought of using left over SU rubber. You are so smart.
    Hugs and smiles

  8. Beautiful bunch of cards to be sending off! I really must go through mine. Great tips on which to pick…I wouldn’t have thought much about those with darker cardstock!

  9. great set of cards for them, neat idea witht he jenga blocks!

  10. The jenga blocks is a great idea! I’ve been sending them cards since the beginning of the year. It is very rewarding knowing that our creations will touch at least two lives – those of the hero and his/her family or friend. Thanks for spreading the word about this wonderful crafting organization.

  11. What a great collection and a super idea for mounting the stamp! Very considerate of you, too. Way to go, Susan!

  12. This is wonderful, Susan! I have some friends who donate to this and I keep meaning to go through my samples. How great that you were able to get the stamp for the back…I’m sure that’s a big help!

  13. This is so very nice of you!

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